Let Us Be Your YouTube Ads Guy

The YouTube Ads Guy is an agency that specializes in the complex world of advertising on the Google Ads platform. We’ve worked with dozens of businesses learning exactly what works and how to scale. We help profitable businesses create winning campaigns and scale to the moon and back.


Your Facebook Ad Agency Doesn’t Understand YouTube Ads

We Have A Proven Process For Building, Launching, And Managing Your Google Ads Campaigns.

Our Process Help Us Understand Your Audience


Who They Are

Our onboarding process starts with taking a deep dive into your client avatar. Knowing is half the battle. Once we know who they are we can then focus on where they are and what they’re doing.

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what are they doing

Your clients are out there, they’re watching YouTube videos, they’re searching for answers, they’re on websites. The next step in our phase is to stalk your audience and determine exactly that.

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What’s There Intent?

It’s not enough to just know someone is searching for soccer training, you have to understand the intent of an audience and how to combine an audience with their actions. We understand this process and apply to our clients.

We Package this Together and Create a Repository of Possibilities for Endless Targeting

Why You Should Be Running YouTube Ads Today

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Create Influence

Leveraging video advertising through YouTube builds brand lift as well as increases your celebrity status in your market. The parasocial relationship takes effect when people see you on video and you’re instantly an expert in their eyes.

Group 95

Decrease Vulnerabilities

Solely relying on one traffic source creates a risk in your business you can’t afford. With Facebook shutting down ad accounts or restricting reach it’s more important than ever to expand your advertising strategy and diversify your traffic. 

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Intent Based Marketing

YouTube ads are the most influential and targeted ads on the planet. Google knows everything about your customer and more importantly knows what they’re searching for, the websites they’re going to, the channels their watching and more. Getting in front your ideal customer at the right time has never been easier.

Group 97

Fast Track Your Scaling

By expanding your advertising to YouTube you not only create brand lift, but create opportunities to improve your Facebook ads retargeting traffic and overall strategy. By having the most qualified customers start with video, hit your landing page, and get retargeted with Facebook Ads, there’s no end to the possibilities for growth. 

Want Us To Be Your YouTube Ads Guy?

We are your YouTube Ads Guy. We eat, sleep, and breathe YouTube Ads. Every day, with every client we partner with, we are constantly focusing and improving on your capacity to get results with YouTube Ads.

Many believe all traffic sources are created equally, and that what works on one platform works on all platforms.
This is not the case. More importantly just because your advertiser crushes it on Facebook does not mean they’ll do the same on YouTube.

Working with us is a strategic partnership that we take seriously. We are in your accounts consistently examining what is working and what is not, taking that data and applying it to our decision-making for the next campaigns we will create for you.

You need a strategic plan from a company that understands and focuses on YouTube Ads every single day.


Thre Are Two Types of Agency

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These is your ‘yes’ agency. They’ll do anything you ask, even if they’re not experts.

Group 93

The Focused Expert

The Focused Expert, that’s us, makes a choice to focus on one thing and become exceptional at it.

Both are great…but you want results today....You need a YouTube Ads Guy

Why Choose Us

What Makes Us The Best YouTube Ads Agency


Complete Access

Your ad accounts are your ad accounts, we come in and manage them, but you always own them.


Transparent Pricing

Easy to understand pricing with no hourly billing or hidden fees


No Long-Term Contracts

After your first 90 days with us we move to a month to month contract. You have the freedom to make the best choices for your business.


Honest Reporting

We provide weekly reporting with the most accurate metrics that pertain to your KPI’s


Results Driven

From day one we are focused on one thing and one thing only. Getting you results with your YouTube Ads.


Mutual Excellence

You want to work with the best and so do we. We work with the best companies in different industries. If you have a high converting offer, we can help.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

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Get Started In Three Simple Steps

We have a proven process for building, launching, and managing your Google Ads campaigns.



Schedule a time to connect with one of our YouTube Ads Guys.



Let’s understand your goals, why you’re seeking YouTube Ads, and whether YouTube Ads works to help grow your business



Once we determine you’re a good fit and we start working together, in 2-3 weeks we’ll have your first ads up and running.

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